Have you “lost your voice”… somewhere? I am not referring to your physical voice but your emotional voice. Throughout life we have  experiences that may leave us feeling that what we have to say is unimportant! As a result, our perception leads us to believe that “I am not worth listening to”, “I have nothing of value to contribute”, or “no one will listen to me anyway”. If you accept these messages as truth then they become part of your belief system which drives your actions and can hinder your success.

What you believe to be true about yourself, in your heart, will show up in how you respond to life and the opportunities presented. If you find yourself wanting to engage at deeper levels with people, but simply can’t, then perhaps you are being held back by your belief system. The mind is very powerful and can store messages that may be so deep that we are not aware that we actually have that belief. This is where observing your actions , responses and words become so key to discovering underlying beliefs that may be hindering you from doing the things you really want to do. Speaking in public can be scary for most people, however, it is a fear that can be overcome. Being willing to deal with internal messages, or limiting beliefs, and where they  came from is key to “finding your voice” and being free to speak from your heart. You do have something important to say! There are people waiting to listen and need what you have to offer!  Your heart and head may be in conflict and stuck because you are believing something that really isn’t true but merely a perception that seemed convincing at the time.

Communicating with transformational impact starts with embracing the process of transformation personally, and discovering the unique messages you are meant to share. They are unique because  no one has the same combination of experiences, background, talents, strengths and personality as you.


Have you lost your voice? What belief is hindering you from speaking what’s in your heart?  What steps can you take today to overcome that limiting belief and replace it with what is really true for you today?


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